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For us, the work we do is a calling.
At the core of GreenStrype Agency, you'll find ideas. Mostly the unconventional kind.

Tomatoe's Bandito

We do quite a bit for Tomatoe's. From their placemats to spray painting the owners favorite character from a cherished painting on their outside wall. He's been named the "Tomatoe's Bandito" and will play a part in their marketing efforts. Watch the Video

It's a paper placemat. Big Deal.

The devil is in the fine details. While trying to strengthen the bond between patron and proprietor, we decided to use some pretty personal info to create these cute placemats.


Hankin Sandman is a powerful boutique law firm nestled up in Atlantic City. As they expand into the future, we were called upon to help communicate the scope of law they practice.


Atlanticare's main website was a birdnest over a thousand pages deep. We were called upon to redesign user interface and design. They have yet to use what we gave them and is still a giant piece of shit.


a fire


an idea


the magic happen

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