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After a quick overhaul on the Tomatoe's restaurant website, we needed some fresh air. We took the the large empty wall behind the building to post up a character from one of the owner's favorite characters from a painting she found in Mexico. Web design is what pay's the bills but getting outside to work sometimes is just what the Dr. ordered. Stay tuned as we'll be back to add some flowers and a rooster to the piece.

Analog stuff

Once in awhile we come out from behind our computers to work in the real world. It feels good once in awhile to pick up some markers, paint, or spray cans. Much different than web design, working in photoshop or hacking around code for a website, analog work always helps expand digital creative.

This project is for my yoga teacher's "studio B" in Margate, NJ (Zen Den). Using time lapse, you can see the elephant come together quickly, but it took over 4 hours to complete. Came home crosseyed and kinda crooked from breathing in the marker fumes all night :/ It was worth it once we saw the finished result.

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